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For those interested . . . 
Underwater: Nik
on D750 in full manual mode in an Ikelite housing,
dual Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobes on the reef, 400 ISO, 18-35mm, 28-105mm macro lenses.
GoPro Hero4 for video.
Surface shots: Nikon D600 in "Program," 400 ISO, 18-35mm, 24-85mm, & 70-300mm lenses.

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Guadalupe 2015 (August) SmugMug slideshow 

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Guadalupe - August 2015 - video 

GUD_1490.JPG (312149 bytes) GWS_0133(LR6).jpg (171978 bytes) GWS_0263(LR6).jpg (136706 bytes) GUD_1552.JPG (426708 bytes)
Ready for sharks!!! Cruising close Passing by Surface cage
GWS_0321.JPG (186311 bytes) GWS_0448(LR6).jpg (195520 bytes) GUD_1547.JPG (352844 bytes) GWS_0708(LR6).jpg (153292 bytes)
Yellowtail peering Coming close Cutting the frozen tuna Passing overhead
GWS_0460(LR6).jpg (374423 bytes) GUD_1595.JPG (179775 bytes) GWS_0573(LR6).jpg (183515 bytes) GUD_1757.JPG (392906 bytes)
The view from the cage Middle submerged cage ready Shark & rays (crepuscular) Visible at the surface too


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