All pictures 2018 by Ken Kurtis
For those interested . . . 
Underwater: Nik
on D750 in full manual mode in an Ikelite housing,
dual Sea&Sea YS-D1 strobes, 400 ISO,
18-35MM zoom, 28-105mm zoom macro, & 105mm macro, GoPro Hero4 for all videos & some stills.
Surface shots: Nikon D600 in "Program," 200 ISO, 24-85mm & 70-300mm lenses.

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Indonesia 2015

IND_1322.JPG (334142 bytes) MRX_0528.JPG (533400 bytes) MRX_0987.JPG (232393 bytes) MRX_1027.JPG (309883 bytes)
Morning at Murex Juvy Batavia Spadefish Ornate Ghost P{ipefish Blue Ribbon Eel
MRX_1172.JPG (307486 bytes) MRX_1536.JPG (593070 bytes) MRX_1705.JPG (523395 bytes) MRX_1816.JPG (342426 bytes)
Re-breasted Wrasse Soft Coral Blue-Ringed Octopus Pygmy Seahorse
MRX_1954.JPG (386918 bytes) MRX_1946.JPG (715737 bytes) MRX_2324.JPG (293052 bytes) MRX_2223.JPG (494746 bytes)
Sarasvati Anemone Shrimp Unknown nudibranch Frogfish Pink Clownfish & host Anemone

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