Bunaken Marine Park & Lembeh Straits
All pictures 2018 by Ken Kurtis
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Yellowmask angel (re-scan @ 2400).jpg (107340 bytes) False clown anemonefish.jpg (487728 bytes) Frogfish.jpg (145333 bytes) Fire dartfish (group of 5).jpg (183648 bytes)
Yellowmask Angel False Clownfish Frogfish Fire Dartfish
Nudibranch (1).jpg (225822 bytes) Pinnate batfish (cropped).jpg (45369 bytes) Unkn juv (1).jpg (241657 bytes) Swimmer crab.jpg (201965 bytes)
Nudibranch Pinnate Batfish Juvy Bicolor Parrotfish Swimmer Crab
Titan triggerfish.jpg (199867 bytes) Manado Tua.jpg (70687 bytes) Blue ribbon eel 3.jpg (62062 bytes) Scribbled puffer.jpg (186629 bytes)
Titan Triggerfsh Manado Tua with a cloud behind it
(although it looks like it's erupting)
Blue Ribbon Eel Scribbled Pufferfish
Pygmy 1.jpg (144936 bytes) Pygmy 3.jpg (140253 bytes) Sea snake.jpg (181594 bytes) Banded pipefish.jpg (108863 bytes)
Pygmy Seahorse Better view Sea Snake (Krait) Banded Pipefish
Soft corals.jpg (196018 bytes) Thicklip wrasse.jpg (117203 bytes) Tailspot squirrelfish.jpg (103748 bytes) Scrawled filefish.jpg (158837 bytes)
Soft Corals at Bangka Thick-lipped Wrasse Tailspot Squirrelfish Scrawled Filefish

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