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Guesh & the gaggle (750).jpg (71838 bytes) SBI_7841.JPG (85997 bytes) Schooling Blacksmith.jpg (181285 bytes) OIL_7739.JPG (108984 bytes)
Sea lions at Santa Barbara island They're inquisitive Schooling Blacksmith Baitfish school at the Oil Rigs
Scythe 1.jpg (405301 bytes) Scythe 4.jpg (401879 bytes) Moray eel.jpg (240815 bytes) Garibaldi defending nest.JPG (296999 bytes)
Seldom-seen Scythe Butterfly Scythe displaying California Moray Eel Garibaldi defending his nest
DSC_1846.JPG (243223 bytes) DSC_1849.JPG (301350 bytes) Angel Shark & Chris.jpg (150769 bytes) DSC_5617.JPG (149411 bytes)
Angel Shark in the sand Up close & personal Angel Shark blasting
out of the sand
Snubnose Sculpin (2).jpg (192332 bytes) Painted Greenling.jpg (225459 bytes) Torepedo Ray (1).jpg (89629 bytes) Turbot face.jpg (254895 bytes)
Snubnose Sculpin Painted Greenling Torpedo Ray (Pacific Electric Ray) Turbot face
Male sheephead.jpg (114911 bytes) Kelp perch (CU).jpg (148957 bytes) Treefish (2).jpg (444677 bytes) Balck-and-yellow rockfish head (CU).jpg (219639 bytes)
Male California Sheephead Kelp Perch Treefish Black-and-yellow Rockfish
Black-eyed goby (ECU).jpg (87092 bytes) Blue-banded goby ECU.jpg (113501 bytes) Bat ray through the kelp.jpg (42028 bytes) Divers on the hang line.jpg (53580 bytes)
Black-eyed Goby Blue-banded Goby Bat Ray cruises the kelp Divers hanging on the line
(yes, the vis can be that good)
Garibaldi.jpg (85660 bytes) Juv garibaldi.jpg (275597 bytes) Garibaldi - yearling.jpg (130930 bytes) Kelprockfish (head-on).jpg (139972 bytes)
Garibaldi (adult) Garibaldi (juvenile) Garibaldi (yearling) Kelp Rockfish (head-on)
Painted greenling.jpg (382413 bytes) Scorpionfish.jpg (206200 bytes) DSC_5624.JPG (192017 bytes) DSC_1950.JPG (247590 bytes)
Painted Greenling California Scorpionfish Rubberlip Surfperch Black-eyed Goby displaying

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