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Sea hare sex.jpg (295804 bytes) Front of the wreck.jpg (291913 bytes) Scallop (note the eyes).jpg (190967 bytes) Orange cup coral.jpg (398441 bytes)
Sea Hares getting it on At the bow of the Olympic wreck Rock Scallop (note the eyes) Orange cup coral
DSC_1802.JPG (96561 bytes) DSC_1807.JPG (344533 bytes) DSC_1820.JPG (216826 bytes) DSC_1823.JPG (307194 bytes)
Chestbut Cowry Purple Coral at Farnsworth Sea Star on the prowl for food Mantis Shrimp at the doorstep
White metridium.jpg (250031 bytes) White metridium at 100'.jpg (62722 bytes) DSC_1853.JPG (98638 bytes) DSC_1831.JPG (257880 bytes)
Metridium surrounded by anemones White Metridium Small sea pen Spiny Sand Star
White-spotted nudibranch.jpg (178064 bytes) Spanish Shawl leap.jpg (152137 bytes) Sea Hare.jpg (132152 bytes) Crab on urchin.jpg (216025 bytes)
White-spotted nudibranch Spanish Shawl - "The Leap of Faith" California Sea Hare Small kelp crab
Fragile star.JPG (242398 bytes) Keyhole limpet.jpg (217982 bytes) Lobster at Swiss Cheese.jpg (279820 bytes) Octopus staredown.jpg (190701 bytes)
Fragile Star Giant Keyhole Limpet California Spiny Lobster Octopus staredown
Curious sea lion (SBI).jpg (198326 bytes) Sea lion dive bombs through.jpg (79274 bytes) Nudibranch egg sac.jpg (192143 bytes) Nudi eggs on an anemone.jpg (219278 bytes)
Curious sea lion Barreling down Nudibranch egg sac Nudi eggs on anemone stalk
Bat star.jpg (218643 bytes) CA Sea hare.jpg (147662 bytes) Chestnut cowry with mantle.jpg (163403 bytes) Horned nudibranch.jpg (158863 bytes)
Bat Star California Sea Hare Chestnut Cowry Horfed Nudibranch
Smooth turban snail.jpg (161416 bytes) Red urchin.jpg (218468 bytes) Spiny brittle star.jpg (232096 bytes) Stubby Rose anemone.jpg (185318 bytes)
Smooth Turban Snail Red Sea Urchin Spiny Brittle Star Stubby Rose Anemone
Divers on the hang line.jpg (53580 bytes) Anemoe w-brittle stars.jpg (191209 bytes) Salp.jpg (82729 bytes) Diver cruising kelp (vert).jpg (41260 bytes)
Divers hanging on the line
(yes, the vis can be that good)
Anemone with brittle stars Angel Shark taking off Diver cruising the kelp

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