TAHITI - September, 2003
All pictures 2022 by Ken Kurtis
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15 sharks off the wall.jpg (91477 bytes) Gray reef again.jpg (60495 bytes) Gray reef cruising.jpg (83938 bytes) Gray reef shark (1).jpg (46031 bytes)
20 sharks cruising Gray reef shark In for a closer look Cruising off the wall
Gray reef shark (2).jpg (53504 bytes) Shark silhouette.jpg (64552 bytes) Gray reef shark.jpg (73526 bytes) Sharks on parade (28 of them).jpg (49077 bytes)
Showing his profile Guess who???? Cruising amongst the fish A shark parade
Big-eye bream.jpg (114773 bytes) Bigscale soldierfish.jpg (163271 bytes) Dog-tooth tuna.jpg (112715 bytes) Hooked at the corner.jpg (141592 bytes)
Big-eye bream Bigscale soldierfish Dog-tooth tuna Hooked in at the corner
Lemonpeel angel.jpg (150233 bytes) Flame angel.jpg (118620 bytes) Orange-lined triggerfish.jpg (245205 bytes) Pallid triggerfish.jpg (159849 bytes)
Lemonpeel angel Flame angel Orange-lined triggerfish Pallid triggerfish
Marble grouper.jpg (120733 bytes) Marble grouper getting cleaned.jpg (143659 bytes) Spot-banded butterfly.jpg (102455 bytes) Swarming Reticulated (1).jpg (235394 bytes)
Marble grouper Getting cleaned (at his eye) Spot-banded butterfly Swarming Reticulated butters

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