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Camera info for those who care:
Nikon N90s in an Ikelite housing, Fuji 400, 28-105 zoom macro lens, manual camera settings, and dual strobes set to TTL

Mole crab burying.jpg (102629 bytes) Mole crab burying (2).jpg (112645 bytes) Mole crab almost buried.jpg (140127 bytes) Mole crab fully buried.jpg (149677 bytes)
Mole crab burying Digging further Almost buried Fully buried (note eye stalks)
Pacific sanddab.jpg (156516 bytes) Thornback.jpg (125193 bytes) Cusk eel.jpg (128435 bytes) Cusks on cusk eel.jpg (94959 bytes)
Pacific sanddab Thornback (juvy) Cusk eel Cusks (CU)
Rock crab.jpg (95709 bytes) Rock crab (2).jpg (115243 bytes) Spider crab munching.jpg (93353 bytes) Sheep crab munching (CU).jpg (108917 bytes)
Rock crab His sister Sheep crab munching Munching detail

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