Sea of Cortez - La Paz, BCS
All pictures 2012 by Ken Kurtis
U/W images - Nikon D200 w/11-18mm, 18-70mm, 28-105mm, and 105 macro lenses w/dual Nikon SB-105 strobes in manual
Surface shots - Nikon D70
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Sunrise at El Bajo The mighty Don Jose Hernan setting the anchor
(the raincoat keeps his clothes clean)
Out to the dive site via panga
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Checking us out Who's inside the camera housing?? Picking a target My turn!!!
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Playing with a shell Nibbling on a hose Posing Soooo cute!!!
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King Angel Up close & personal Blue-and-yellow Chromis Spikey sea star
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Free-swimming Panamic Eel Getting cleaned Jewel Moray Starry Moray
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Female Blue-Spotted Jawfish Male warily peering out Coming out cautiously . . . . . . and displaying!!!
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Flower Urchin Chocolate Chip Star Puffer cutie Puffer pile (mating)
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Barnacle Blenny . . . . . . and with attitude Panamic Fanged Blenny Panama Grasby resting
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Cup coral starting to open . . . . . . and in full flower Swimming into the school of Scad Many fish
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Giant Hawkfish Surprised Cortez Damselfish Creolefish at night Barberfish in night colors
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Top of the reef at Los Islotes Pretty red nudibranch Cortez Rainbow Wrasse Enjoying the Baja sunset

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