BONAIRE - August 11-18, 2007
All pictures 2012 by Ken Kurtis
For those interested . . . 
Underwater: Nikon D200 in "manual" in an Ikelite housing with dual SB-105 strobes, mostly at 1/16th power, 800 ISO,
18-70mm, 28-105mm, and 105mm macro lenses

Surface: Nikon D70 in "Program," 200 ISO.
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Buddy Dive Resort Loading up at the dock One of the resident iguanas Lovely sunsets
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The "normal" view from Buddy's Churned up by Hurricane Dean Note the smashed light Big surge
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Bonaire is known for it's tube sponges A yellow variety Orange Elephant ear sponge Azure Vase sponge
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Colorful seahorse Wil Lemley found this one
on his own
Red frogfish His yellow cousin
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Bearded Fireworm Head-on Rock Beauty Fairy Basslet Parrots everywhere
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Jellyfish at Petrie's Pillar Cruising along Do Brain Corals
make the reef smarter???
Barred Hamlet
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Lots of eels - this guy was HUUUGE Goldentail Moray Note the blue Chain Moray
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Juvy French Angel Intermediate Adult They love watermelon
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Yellow-headed Jawfish Flamingo Tongue Cute Puffer Queen Angel
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Lots of Brittle Stars Juvy Spotted Drum Intermediate Adult
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Pederson's Shrimp Getting cleaned Banded Coral Shrimp Arrow Crab
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At the Hilma Hooker Gorgeous Christmas Tree worms Fantastic corals In all colors
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Turtle coming in for a landing Juvy Boxfish Blue Tang frenzy It's OK- we're in a
committed relationship

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