BONAIRE - May 15-23, 2009
All pictures 2012 by Ken Kurtis
Cameras & lenses used, for those interested . . . 
Underwater: Nikon D200 in "manual" in an Ikelite housing with dual SB-105 strobes, mostly at 1/16th power, 800 ISO,
11-18mm, 18-70mm, 28-105mm (w/macro), and 105mm macro lenses

Above-water: Nikon D70 in "Program," 200 ISO, variety of lenses
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Most of our motley crew Typical dive site French Angel Stoplight Parrot (initial phase)
BON_0145.JPG (866572 bytes) BON_0226.JPG (965094 bytes) BON_0246.JPG (1042336 bytes) BON_0254.JPG (876308 bytes)
Spanish Hogfish getting cleaned Anemone HUUGE Midnight Parrotfish Yellowtail Snapper
BON_0207.JPG (582375 bytes) BON_0752.JPG (431570 bytes) BON_0832.JPG (430491 bytes) BON_0859.JPG (427033 bytes)
We saw LOTS of seahorses #2 #3 #4
BON_1256.JPG (868981 bytes) BON_1416.JPG (480942 bytes) BON_0552.JPG (1006816 bytes) BON_0760.JPG (658803 bytes)
#3 (again) #5 Eagle Ray Creole Wrasse
BON_0333.JPG (357077 bytes) BON_0326.JPG (820381 bytes) BON_0297.JPG (546743 bytes) BON_0345.JPG (612288 bytes)
Friendly Angelfish . . . . . . who likes watermelon Which we fed him gladly Turning up his nose at it
BON_0639.JPG (1202127 bytes) BON_0636.JPG (882157 bytes) BON_0885.JPG (1031770 bytes) BON_0496.JPG (684598 bytes)
Coral open at night Snail w/mantle all the way out Tarpon making a close pass Green Turtle w/Jim Cooper
BON_0793.JPG (577503 bytes) BON_1159.JPG (988524 bytes) BON_0978.JPG (573642 bytes) BON_1029(alt).JPG (352328 bytes)
Doctorfish Marauding gang Spotted Drum Feeding at night
BON_1068.JPG (356239 bytes) BON_1041.JPG (737442 bytes) BON_1525.JPG (640408 bytes) BON_1475.JPG (432210 bytes)
Flamingo Tongue Gathering of tongues Coney (Bicolor phase) Sharptail eel on the prowl
BON_1576.JPG (1144284 bytes) BON_1722.JPG (887688 bytes) BON_1681.JPG (953498 bytes) BON_1938.JPG (1093006 bytes)
Basket Star during the day . . . . . . and opened up at night Orange-ball anemone Hard coral
BON_1992.JPG (381684 bytes) BON_1951.JPG (512478 bytes) BON_1965.JPG (754719 bytes)
Slender Filefish Schooling snappers Laurie & Jay at a barrel sponge Hawksbill Turtle
DSC_0062.JPG (665723 bytes) DSC_0095.JPG (727647 bytes) DSC_0055.JPG (686796 bytes) DSC_0270.JPG (690313 bytes)
Beach dive (Tori's) Ready to go Cargill Saltworks Making salt
DSC_0219.JPG (671272 bytes) DSC_0033.JPG (632084 bytes) DSC_0214.JPG (649657 bytes) DSC_0049.JPG (310732 bytes)
Lots of Flamingoes Foraging for brine shrimp Juvenile Adult
DSC_0196.JPG (949561 bytes) DSC_0209.JPG (793857 bytes) DSC_0125.JPG (391807 bytes) DSC_0100.JPG (937447 bytes)
Bonaire Burros Why we don't dive the "wild" side At the Butterfly Farm Sunset at Buddy's

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