Bunaken Marine Park & the Lembeh Straits
All pictures 2012 by Ken Kurtis
Images shot with a digital Nikon D70 camera w/18-70mm DX, 28-105mm, and 105 micro lenses
Dual Nikon SB-105 strobes (manual - no TTL available)
Click on the thumbnail picture for the larger 650-pixel high version

Murex Diving Centre sign.jpg (106702 bytes) Morning at Murex.jpg (205244 bytes) Morning at Murex (2).jpg (128687 bytes) The Opa Gila Plank.jpg (252168 bytes)
Murex Dive Resort The view each morning Ready to go diving The Opa Gila Plank
Anthias above the reef.jpg (178293 bytes) Blue and yellow fusillier.jpg (133143 bytes) Schooling batfish.jpg (114367 bytes) Red-toothed Triggers on the wall.jpg (149762 bytes)
Anthias above the reef Blue-and-yellow Fusilliers Schooling Batfish Red-toothed triggers on the wall
Barrel Sponge.jpg (169803 bytes) Clark's anemonefish.jpg (200392 bytes) Bubble coral.jpg (116272 bytes) Coral Shrimp (CU).jpg (164514 bytes)
Barrel Sponge Clarke's Anemonefish Bubble Coral Coral Shrimp on Bubble Coral
Coral anemone.jpg (165136 bytes) Blue Ribbon Eel (3).jpg (101439 bytes) Bloch's Bigeye.JPG (159633 bytes) Cuttlefish (1).jpg (238930 bytes)
Coral Anemone Blue Ribbon Eel Bloch's Bigeye Reef Cuttlefish
Conus erburneus.jpg (145825 bytes) Flambuoyant Cuttlefish (1).jpg (189796 bytes) So much in love (CU).jpg (81172 bytes) Fire Urchin (from the top).jpg (230957 bytes)
Cone Snail Flamboyant Cuttlefish Nudis in love . . . Fire Urchin
Frogfish (2).jpg (70822 bytes) Frogfish (1-2).jpg (161290 bytes) Frogfish (1-1).jpg (151500 bytes) Painted Frogfish.jpg (205210 bytes)
Frogfish #1 Frogfish #2 Frogfish #3 Frogfish #4 (Painted Frogfish)
Spinecheeck Aneomonefish (female).jpg (158079 bytes) Orange Anemonefish.jpg (110331 bytes) Pink Anemonefish & Anemone.jpg (186204 bytes) Threeband Anemonefish.jpg (197854 bytes)
Spinecheek Anemonefish (female) Orange Anemonefish Pink Anemonefish Threeband Anemonefish
Pygmy Seahorse (3).jpg (162134 bytes) Pygmy Seahorse (2).jpg (136662 bytes) Pygmy Seahorse (5).jpg (117747 bytes) Sea Snake.JPG (103339 bytes)
Pygmy Seahorse Pygmy #2 Pygmy #3 Sea Snake
Nudi (1).jpg (101729 bytes) Leaf Scorpionfish (white).jpg (238738 bytes) Leaf Scorpionfishes.jpg (152437 bytes) Napoleon snake eel (4).jpg (191201 bytes)
Nudi cutie White Leaf Scorpionfish Two Yellow Leaf Scorpionfish Napoleon Snake Eel
Leopard Blenny.jpg (145406 bytes) Seahorse (Brown - sharpened).jpg (167450 bytes) Seahorse (yellow - 3).jpg (165734 bytes) Red Reef Crab.jpg (260154 bytes)
Leopard Blenny Brown Seahorse Yellow Seahorse Red Reef Crab
Mantis Shrimp.jpg (210232 bytes) Octopus (1).jpg (260237 bytes) Octopus (2).jpg (237711 bytes) Sunset 2 (vert).jpg (65150 bytes)
Mantis Shrimp Octopus in a coconut shell Covering up with another shell Sunset at Murex

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