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View from our hotel The "new" Shanghai skyline Buildings starting to light up River boat
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The Bund as darkness falls The Pearl Tower at night Another river boat Skyline at night
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Lions guarding the Jing 'An temple Lighting incense Praying Room of Buddhas
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A lot of motorbikes Inside Changfeng Aquarium First time I've seen a lionfish in kelp Feeding time (not us)
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Laurie & Ken posing with tourists Trying to get the girl to kiss me A mess of electrical cables Note the scaffold: Bamboo!!
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Expo 2010 mascot Bund Sightseeing Tunnel pods The Pearl Tower Going down in the Ocean Aquarium
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Entering the shark realm Distended mouth Inside the acrylic tunnel Maglev train
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Top speed (out of focus) They have rush-hour traffic too Park near our hotel Men playing Chinese poker
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Always something to buy I'm sure these are antiques Anyone need a Mao watch??? Live crickets at the Insect Mart
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Live turtles too More bikes & mopeds Cycle-only traffic light Apartments near People's Square
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Entrance to Urban Planning Centre Small model of Expo 2010 Huge model of Shanghai Laurie in front, for scale
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Gotta have Mickey-D Buying hand-tied pearls Outside Yu Gardens Bazaar
(note the Burger King)
Inside Yu Gardens Bazaar
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Inside Yu Gardens Dragon at a gate Koi all over the place Shanghai Signal Tower at night

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