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Things are starting to get to a point now where I feel comfortable planning some trips for the future. Though certainly not yet back to normal, we seem to have COVID on the run and the situation is improving daily and rapidly.

So I thought I'd pitch everyone on the idea of joining us next year (2022) for what will be our first planned trip and that's back to the Revillagigedo Islands, better known as Socorro.

A big advantage of this trip, especially if it will be your first post-COVID foreign trip, is that we'll be on a boat (Nautilus Under Sea - same one we were on this past January). Once we leave port, it's like being in a bubble which further increases levels of protection. We have the entire boat which mean no more than 19 divers.

Actual trip dates are March 12-20. I've got it set up right now as flying down on Friday March 11, overnighting at Tesoro Resort (same place where the dive shop is), which then lets us relax all day Saturday &/or do local "tune-up dives" like we did this year. (Boat leaves 8PM that evening. You can also fly in on March 12 and avoid the overnight - saves $100 - but will also miss the tune-up dives.)

Cost of the trip (payable to Reef Seekers) is $4,595. Standard stateroom (lower deck) double-occupancy. This includes the boat (5 full dive days, 1 day transit down, 1 day transit back - food and airfills/weights included), hotel overnight, crew tip, round-trip xfers Cabo Airport to hotel/dive shop (large vans that can hold 10 people but we only do 5-6 people/van to allow space for bags and you're not crammed in like sardines). If you want to go into the co-ed triple (galley/salon level), that saves $400.

We had a REALLY great trip in January. Things will be a little different in March as some of the animal activity is semi-seasonal. We may not see quite as many mantas but we should have a better shot at Whale Sharks. We also may have a better shot a Humpback Whale encounters, definitely on the surface from the boat and possibly underwater as well. But I can guarantee you Whitetip Sharks piled one on top of the other at the Shark Balconies at Roca Partida (unless weather prevents us from getting out there). Here's what was what in 2021 if you haven't seen it:


If you're ready to commit - and we're just inside of only 10 months away - a $3,000 deposit/spot would be lovely. If that's too steep for your cash-flow right now, let me know and we'll work it out. Note that these are cash/check prices. Credit cards are fine but are 4% higher. (If you're interested but not ready to confirm, let me know that too.)
Hope you can join us!!!!
- Ken

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