BONAIRE - JUNE 12-19, 2004
All pictures 2012 by Ken Kurtis
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PICT3598.JPG (97230 bytes) PICT3669.JPG (216556 bytes) Jim & Diana (1).jpg (180166 bytes) Typical coral formation.jpg (230162 bytes)
Buddy Dive was our home base The view from one of our rooms Jim & Diana Cooper
are ready to go diving
Typical coral formation
Purple tube sponges.jpg (117868 bytes) brittle stars (2) on sponge.jpg (248270 bytes) Conch (CU).jpg (157505 bytes) Christmas tree worm.jpg (176803 bytes)
Purple sponges were everywhere Brittle stars on a sponge Conch giving us the eye(s) Christmas tree worm
French Angel.jpg (324158 bytes) French angel (CU).jpg (192085 bytes) Queen angel (Velvia-adj).jpg (212159 bytes) Bristleworm on a sponge.jpg (64929 bytes)
French angels were everywhere And curious, too Queen angel Bristle worm on a coral
PICT3500.JPG (286438 bytes) PICT3510.JPG (98655 bytes) PICT3519.JPG (126747 bytes) Barred Hamlet.jpg (163124 bytes)
Resident iguana at Buddy's Greeting the Bonaire donkeys Ready to shore dive Barred hamlet
Unknown flatworm.jpg (245935 bytes) Trumpetfish (blue).jpg (173444 bytes) Spotted Trunkfish (head-on).jpg (127531 bytes) Flaingo tongues mating.jpg (143822 bytes)
Unknown flatworm Blue trumpetfish Oh no!!!!
(Head-on trunkfish)
Mating Flamingo tongues
PICT3485.JPG (133839 bytes) Tarpon (night).jpg (102344 bytes) Orange-ball corallimorph.jpg (218538 bytes) Reef octopus (hunting - night).jpg (319664 bytes)
Night dives were always interesting Tarpon for everyone!!! Orange-ball corralimorph Octo hunting at night
(note how he's spread out)
Lobster.jpg (270530 bytes) Corals feeding at night.jpg (318506 bytes) Spotfin butterfly (night).jpg (151060 bytes) Spotted drum.jpg (152047 bytes)
Lobster Coral feeding at night Spotfin butterfly (??) Spotted drum
PICT3635.JPG (142440 bytes) PICT3666.JPG (162042 bytes) Flamingo 4-some.jpg (204734 bytes) Fly-mingoes.jpg (153648 bytes)
Red Slave huts Cargill Salt Works Flamingo foursome Fly-mingoes
PICT3518.JPG (133740 bytes) Arrow crab.jpg (153977 bytes) Leapin' Lizardfish.jpg (168254 bytes) Scrawled filefish.jpg (187084 bytes)
Diving Windsock at the foot of the
Flamingo Airport runway
Arrow crab Leaping Lizardfish Scrawled filefish
Seahorse (real).jpg (203228 bytes) Seahorse (plastic).jpg (92120 bytes) Pederson's cleaner shrimp.jpg (186120 bytes) Squat anemone shrimp.jpg (241570 bytes)
Seahorse Fake plastic seahorse
for those who couldn't spot a real one
Pederson's cleaner shrimp Squat anemone shrimp
Squidron.jpg (69184 bytes) Squid (3).jpg (67153 bytes) Spotted eel.jpg (203820 bytes) Star encrusting spnge.jpg (269316 bytes)
The Squidron Closer approach Spotted eel Star encrusting sponge
Peering blenny.jpg (145538 bytes) Peering eel.jpg (122226 bytes) PICT3636.JPG (52079 bytes) PICT3495.JPG (137342 bytes)
Peering blenny Peering eel Willemstoren Lighthouse Come again!!!

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