When you travel with Reef Seekers, all you need to do is get yourself to LAX (well, after you've paid us for the trip of course). Then turn off your brain (within reason) 
because we'll take it from there. All of our trips are escorted by Reef Seekers owner Ken Kurtis so you don't have to deal with the minutia and hassles of putting together 
a vacation. (The idea is for you to relax.) Generally, the prices you see quoted include diving, accommodations, meals (all-inclusive for a boat and it varies depending on 
where we are for land-based trips), airport transfers, and crew tip/gratuity. Airfare is generally NOT included in the quoted prices. We would prefer that you arrange that
on your own, but we will give you the preferred flight itinerary for a given trip. Prices quoted are cash or check. Credit cards are okay but will be billed at a 4.0% higher rate.
To get more details on a specific trip, either e-mail  Ken or call him at 310/652-4990.
120 days or more prior to departure: Forfeit initial $500 deposit.
        90-119 days prior: Pay 50% of the entire published trip price.
        60-89 days prior: Pay 75% of the entire published trip price.
        59 days or less: Pay 100% of the entire published trip price.

     2018 TRIPS (scroll down for details - prices do not include airfare)  

June 8-20 - Yap (10-day "Yap Immersion" - WE'RE THERE NOW!!!)
        August 18-25 - Isla Mujeres (Whale Sharks, Cancun Underwater Museum, Cenotes)
        October 27 - November 3 - Roatan (3 spots left - at Anthony's Key)

        SCUBA CUBA??? - Our thoughts on why this isn't practical for us in 2018
  BONAIRE - April 14-22 (TRIP COMPLETED)                                                                                     

  YAP IMMERSION - June 8-20 (WE'RE THERE NOW!!!)                                                                          

We can't say enough good things about Yap, and that's one of the key reasons we're going back again. It's a little bit out of the way and it's take a while to get there (LAX-HNL-GUM-YAP) but it's absolutely worth the effort. And we're going to do again this year, the same format we did last year, which is a 10-day trip (although we can arrange for you to depart early if need be) that we call "Yap Immersion."

By doing it this way, we really get a chance to experience all that Yap has to offer, both underwater and on land as well. We'll have multiple dives at the famous manta cleaning stations, as well as you'll enjoy a Manta ID class (sanctioned by PADI) that will teach you how to recognize individuals, as well as you'll learn something about the species as well. We'll do a Mandarinfish dive, a shark feed, explore many reefs and walls, look for little creatures during a couple of muck-like macro dives, and we'll even have a free day where we'll take a 4-hour land tour that will expose you to Yap culture, including educating you about Yap's role in World War 2, and seeing what various aspects of Yap culture are about.

We'll do all of this from the fabulous Manta Ray bay Resort, which has got to be one of the nicest dive-dedicated resorts in the world. In addition to three boats dives daily, there wil also be opportunities for some shore diving (granted, it's exploratory), as well as photo workshops for the photogs and fish ID for all interested.

Yap's a fabulous place to explore and is one of those magical spots in the world where you'll really feel like you're not in Kansas anymore (whether your name is Dorothy or not).




  ISLA MUJERES - AUGUST 18-25 (Approx. $2,495 plus airfare)                                                             

Can you say "Whale Sharks"? Can you say "hundreds of Whale Sharks"?? Because that's the big (no pun intended) attraction in coming to Isla Mujeres, a wonderful small island that's about 10 miles off of the Mexican coast across from Cancun. Every year from roughly May to September, hundreds and hundreds of Whale Sharks gather in these waters. The specific purpose is still not understood. But it known as the largest gathering of Whale Sharks in the world. And you can be snorkeling right in their midst. In fact, we can almost GUARANTEE that will come nose-to-nose with one or more of the largest fish in the ocean. And we'll have three mornings to interact with them. But that's not all.

We'll also spend a couple of scuba dives exploring the various sculptures and structures that make up the Cancun Underwater Museum, an unique combination of art and nature interacting. And we'll take a day to go down to Tulum (on the mainland side) to explore one of the cenotes found in that area under the watchful eye of an expert guide. And we'll even spend a morning exploring a local wreck and one of the offshore reefs.

If you've got a non-diving S.O., this is a perfect trip for them because three of our six dive days are snorkel-only since that's the rule with Whale Sharks. And, unlike most "normal" dive trips, not only are you doing something different each day, but the pace is very slow and relaxed so there's a lot of time and opportunity to just chill out.



  NORTH SULAWESI, INDONESIA - POSTPONED (Approx. $2,495 plus airfare)                                     

There are a couple of places that we travel where it feels like we're coming home rather than going on a vacation, and when we go to Murex Dive Resort in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, it definitely feels like we're coming home. The area is simply am amazing place to dive. Using Murex (at the south end of Manado Bay) as our base of operations, we can easily go across to all the wonderful sites that lie within Bunaken Marine Park, where pristine vertical walls of hard corals will greet us while thousands and thousand of colorful fish dance over our heads. On top of that, many of the near-shore sites to Murex have become very productive "muck diving" areas where you might find seahorse, Ghost Pipefish, or even a Blue-Ringed Octopus. Plus we'll definitely do an overland trip to the Lembeh Straits for a day of diving what's been referred to as the "Muck Diving Capital of the World" and where we've seen such creatures as a Mimic Octopus, Devil Scorpionfish, and Pygmy Seahorses.|

Simply put, diving with Murex - aside from being a fabulous place to stay and dive - gives you incredible dive opportunities that can be found nowhere else in the world. (The house reef is pretty good too.) The air sked in and out of Manado require us to do this as a 9-day trip which means you'll get in a LOT of diving and, since all meals are also included, you get a lot of bang for your buck. And on the way home, since we have to overnight in Singapore regardless, there's an optional Singapore Stopover add-on that can give you time to explore that fabulous city/state.



  ROATAN, HONDURAS - OCTOBER 27 - NOVEMBER 3 ($2,195 plus airfare)                                         

We first visited Roatan in 2013 and it's high time we went back fro a second look. Even though we had some weather issues back then, we really liked the resort (Anthony's Key) where we stayed and we saw a lot of really interesting critters. And for those who like boat dives, this is the perfect setup as - even though there's shore diving available - the standard package is three boats dives each day we're there. Yahoo!!! And we'll be staying out on the Key in their Superior rooms which means that after the diving is done, you can relax on your own deck overlooking the water before we head off to dinner (which is included, as are all the other meals).

Roatan sits at the bottom end of the world's second-largest barrier reef so it's well-stocked with fish and corals. It's also known, as in Bonaire, for being a great place to go find little things, like the "pea" (which is really a juvy Smooth Trunkfish) that you see lower left, so-named because they really ARE the size of a pea.

So if you're looking for a great destination that's fairly easy to get to and which offers so nice diving, give us a call about Roatan. We're already getting a lot of interest on this one and it'll fill rather quickly.



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