When you travel with Reef Seekers, all you need to do is get yourself to LAX (well, after you've paid us for the trip of course). Then turn off your brain (within reason) 
because we'll take it from there. All of our trips are escorted by Reef Seekers owner Ken Kurtis so you don't have to deal with the minutia and hassles of putting together 
a vacation. (The idea is for you to relax.) Generally, the prices you see quoted include diving, accommodations, meals (all-inclusive for a boat and it varies depending on 
where we are for land-based trips), airport transfers, and crew tip/gratuity. Airfare is generally NOT included in the quoted prices. We would prefer that you arrange that
on your own, but we will give you the preferred flight itinerary for a given trip. Prices quoted are cash or check. Credit cards are okay but will be billed at a 3.5% higher rate.
To get more details on a specific trip, either e-mail  Ken or call him at 310/652-4990.
120 days or more prior to departure: Forfeit initial $500 deposit.
        90-119 days prior: Pay 50% of the entire published trip price.
        60-89 days prior: Pay 75% of the entire published trip price.
        59 days or less: Pay 100% of the entire published trip price.

     2017 TRIPS (scroll down for details - prices do not include airfare)  

July 7-19 - Yap Immersion #1 (limited to 12 divers - 6 spots left)
        July 21-August 2 - Yap Immersion #2 (limited to 12 divers - 6 spots left)
        September 1-6 - Great Whites Sharks of Guadalupe Island (only 1 spot left)
November 2-12 - Fiji (south) aboard the Fiji Aggressor (SOLD OUT!!!)

        SCUBA CUBA??? - Our thoughts on why this isn't practical for us in 2017
  BONAIRE - MARCH 17-25 (TRIP COMPLETED                             )                                                   

  YAP IMMERSION #1 (Manta Ray Bay Resort) - July 7-19, 2017 ($2,995 plus airfare)                           

This is going to be our best Yap trip yet.

The general thought is that it's a 13-day trip with 10 days of diving in Yap. We call it "Yap Immersion" because we really want to immerse you in everything that makes Yap such a special place to dive and to visit. On the diving end, we will do up to 24 dives that will include manta dives at the cleaning stations, a shark feed, a Mandarinfish dive, macro dives, reef dives, and wall dives. We will also include a Manta ID program (you'll get a PADI specialty card) which will teach you the ins and outs of manta identification. We'll build on that with what I'm calling "The Manta Project" which is simply that we will track with photos all of the different mantas we see over the course of our time there. (Sometimes we have one at a cleaning station, but sometimes we get seven or eight or more. And without photos to document the different markings, they start to all look alike.) And because a lot of this ID-ing is enhanced by the photos, we also be including photo workshops and critiques throughout the week. The best plan is to do the dives on nitrox, which is included in the trip package, and for those of you who are NOT nitrox-certified, we'll include a NAUI Nitrox course at no extra charge (other than materials costs). On the non-diving side, we'll take one day off from diving to do a full island tour that will include delving into Yap's role in World War 2, and giving you a sense of the history of the people, which also includes the unique Stone Money that forms part of their culture. On our final day (non-diving to outgas before the plane ride home), there will be a morning kayak tour of the mangroves for those interested, followed by an afternoon visiting a local village. You probably all know by now how much I enjoy going to Yap, and I think this will be a fabulous trip. We're also scheduling this for July (usually we go in March) because the winds have died down then and that means that all the dives sites on both sides of the island should be accessible, as well as it should be the time of the calmest waters and the smoothest rides. Everyone will get a double-occupancy Ocean View room (single supplement available if desired), breakfast daily, all the stuff I just mentioned and more, airport transfers, and crew/staff tips. Not included are lunches and dinners (figure another couple of hundred bucks) and also not included is airfare (generally around $1800-2100). Cost of the "Immerse Yourself in Yap" package will be $2,995 which I think is a really good deal, especially when you consider everything you're getting. (Of course, I might be a bit prejudiced about this.) The other thing I like - and you will too - is that we're setting this up as a 12-divers max trip. So no big cattle calls to deal with. And even with 12, we'll likely do it as two boats of 6 most days, with me on one boat and Bill on the other. The goal is to give you a really great and unique experience and find the best diving possible on every given day. You can download the flyer by clicking here. If this might be of interest to you, print it out and stick it on your refrigerator as a reminder.


  YAP IMMERSION #2 (Manta Ray Bay Resort) - July 21 - August 2, 2017 ($2,995 plus airfare)              

So nice, we're doing it twice. Same as above. This is simply the second week.


  ISLA GUADALUPE, MEXICO (Great White Sharks) - September 1-6 ($3,250 plus tip & port fee)           

How about we put you nose-to-nose with the ocean's top predator, a Great White Shark? How about if we put you nose-to-nose with two of three of them? In fact, how about if we put you nose-to-nose with a bunch of the over 175 already-identified Great Whites who come back to this rocky outpost in the middle of the pacific each year?

This will be the fourth time we've ventured out to Isla Guadalupe, about 200 miles south of Ensenada. In each of our three previous trips, we've seen Great Whites on just about every single dive that was made over the course of each trip. Sometimes they were a little standoffish and sometimes they were so close that you instinctively took a step back even though you're protected inside a cage.

We will again be on the Nautilus Belle Amie, which is huge and wonderful and comfortable and has to be the nicest dive boat we've ever been on. It is perfectly suited for this trip with an ample dive deck that comfortable holds the five shark cages (three submersible and two surface). And because there are surface cages, this trip is also open to non-divers as well. After a short orientation, you'll be allowed unlimited access to the surface cages, each of which can hold up to four divers.

We'll spend three full days diving with the sharks (plus dozens of Yellowtail and mackerel and even some Yellow-Finned Tuna) which means we also have a day on the way down to get acclimated and set up cameras, and most of the day on the way back to organize our best shots and pack gear. The trip starts and ends in San Diego and the chartered bus ride down to Ensenada is included in the trip price.

Please note that we're limited to 6 spots on this trip (we're sharing with Ocean Adventures who also has six). We also have spots available in Superior staterooms (as opposed to the standard doubles) which adds another $500/person. But at any price, it's a great trip and you don't want to miss out.


  FIJI (SUVA, VITI LEVU) - November 2-12 (SOLD OUT!!!)           

Bula!!! That's the standard greeting in Fiji, home to probably some of the friendliest people in the world and some fantastic diving. So you should come join us in November as we explore the rich waters off of Suva aboard the Fiji Aggressor. We've done trips to Matagi, Taveuni, and Beqa Lagoon (also on Viti Levu) but this will be the first time we can get to some of the more remote reefs southeast of the area.

A distinct impression from the previous times we've dove Fiji is that never have we seen so much red before in any one spot. There are massive schools of red fish, vibrant red corals, and plump red soft corals. Pretty spectacular. Plus, because we'll be on a boat, we not only have the luxury of getting in as many as five days each day, but we can modify the itinerary so that we can dive the places with the best possible conditions. The Fiji Aggressor only takes 10 people in five staterooms and we've got the entire boat for ourselves.

The general travel plan is to leave very late in the evening (11:59PM) Thursday, November 2, on Fiji Airways non-stop to Nadi, where we'll arrive around 6AM on Saturday, November 4 (due to the Dateline). From there, we'll take private vans overland to Suva which is where we'll board the boat and then take off. On the back end, we'll get off the boat the following Saturday, return to Nadi and overnight there. We'll then fly out Sunday evening, November 12, again non-stop back to LAX, and will arrive around Noon also on Sunday, due to the Dateline.

If you're interested in this trip, contact us quickly as we anticipate this one filling fast due to the great diving and the limited number of spaces available. But we know this will be a fabulous eek to remember and wed love to have you join us for it.

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