The Reef Seekers Repair Department is under the stewardship of longtime (since 2004) repair tech Robert Stark. All repairs are done at Robert's place in Westchester (near LAX - a couple of blocks from Manchester/Lincoln). We duplicated our old repair bench and are fully operational. We also have kept our 7-day-turnaround schedule intact. So you bring it in to us, and we should have it back to you one week later. (Faster turnaround service is available for a higher labor charge.)

Check out our "Reef Seekers Repair Repeat Offender Program." Basically, you keep bringing your gear to us for servicing at least once every 18 months, and you'll save 33% off both parts & labor charges on any reg, octo, or BC. (Discount does not apply to tanks or computers.) Click here for full details.

Be aware that while we are still an authorized repair facility for many manufacturers, there are some for whom we are no longer considered "official." We can still repair those brands and use the standard mfg parts, but our work will not be considered "under warranty" by that mfg. Check with Robert for the particulars on your equipment. 

You'll need to bring your stuff to Robert in Westchester. To do so, contact him directly (you can also use this number to check up on the status of any repairs). However . . .

You can also take advantage of our Concierge Service where for an extra $35, Robert will come to you to pick the gear up, will service it, and then deliver it back to you. Again, you will set that up with Robert directly.
Repair Phone: 310/947-8523


For a full list of the brands we service, see the manufacturers list under "Merch. & Mfgs."




  ITEM   LABOR RATES ONLY  (Parts are extra)

 Reg/BC service (7 days turn-around)
  Rush service - quicker than 7 days - is usually available for an extra charge
  Reg first stage service      $40.00
  Reg second stage service      $40.00
  Octo or AIR2 service      $40.00
  BC clean w/AIR2 service      $60.00
  BC clean w/inflator service      $40.00
  BC clean (only)      $35.00
  Reg or BC bench check      $20.00

 Tank service
  Tank VIP (2-5 days turn-around)      $20.00  (rush service might be available - CALL)
  Tank Hydro/VIP no tumble (1 week)      $70.00  (rush service might be available - CALL)
  Tank Hydro/VIP w/tumble (1 week)    |$120.00  (rush service might be available - CALL)
  Eddy test (detects neck crack in AL tank)   + $20.00  (rush service might be available - CALL)
  Tank tumble only (1 week)      $50.00  (rush service might be available - CALL)
  Valve service (w/burst disc replacement)      $35.00  (rush service might be available - CALL)
  Burst disc replacement only      $15.00  (rush service might be available - CALL)

 Computer battery change
  Simple (coin-slot hatch)      $05.00
  Medium (screw hatch)      $10.00
  Complex (soldering)      $25.00

 We pick-up/deliver your gear
  Pick-up & delivery (LA Metro area)      $40.00 (this rate covers BOTH the pick-up & delivery - schedule directly with Robert)

Unless indicated otherwise, rates are labor only.
Parts are extra and may or may not be covered under warranty. 

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